Friday, January 16, 2009

Wild Yellow Sage- The Poison

Ingredients: Common Lantana, Bidens Pilosa, Lavender, Beeswax, Juniper Oil, Oilive Oil, Grape seed Oil.

Encapsulating the merits of mugwort and patchouli, yellow sage can make your skin appear tighter. When used on the hair, it is no less effective than the Liquorice Hair Soap. Skin appears tighter after use, can be used for eczema, damp toxin, itchiness; and also reduces swells, detoxifies, relieves rheumatic pains and colds and stops itchiness.

Personal views and experiences

Once, I think I eaten something that caused me to itch, I tried all the other soaps but to no avail, until I tried Wild Yellow Sage. In two washed, my itchiness subsided. One of my customer's daughter came back itchy from the beach and could not find anything could have caused it. She told me the itchiness vanished after 3 washes. I use Wild Yellow Sage to wash my hair too, I like the way it helps to create volume.

Price: RM29.50

Disclaimer: These soaps are to help relieve your skin problems, not a medication or a cure all for your skin diseases. We believe natural soaps are the best when your skin is vulnerable .For total skin health,its all boils down to proper nutrition. Please consult a Nutritionist or your doctor for further information.

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