Friday, January 16, 2009

Organic Oats

Ingredients: Buckwheat, oats, mineral water, beeswax, olive oil, grape seed oil, canoala oil , sunflower oil

Natural cereal crops are highly nutritious and have a rather good effect on preventing dry and weak skin. Oats Soap has been supported by loyal users, especially atopic dermatitis patients who have extremely sensitive skin, or skin that is oily underneath but dry on the surface. Children, people with extremely sensitive skin, as well as women during and after pregnancy will find this soap useful.

Personal view and experiences

Works well for my friends' children who has dry skin. and mosturising enough for sensitive skin users. My mum who runs an organic confinement services, sometimes helps to bath the babies and she will bring this soap along. The little spots and their first skin peeling will heal very fast which results in better skins!


Disclaimer: These soaps are to help relieve your skin problems, not a medication or a cure all for your skin diseases. We believe natural soaps are the best when your skin is vulnerable .For total skin health,its all boils down to proper nutrition. Please consult a Nutritionist or your doctor for further information.

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