Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scent of Soaps

One of the perks working with Yuan Soap, is the lingering scents you get from the soaps.
1. One of my friends could not remember which corridor leads to our office but sniff to know which one is our office. (true story)
2. I smell of soaps most of the time, which means I smell clean all the time.
3. My car smells like a spa.
4. One of my Taiwanese colleague get compliments each time whenever she is in a lift with a stranger. (alright, some times she gets that)
5. I saved on air fresheners in the office , my car and my washroom.
6. Some of Yuan soap customers buy Yuan soap in bulk to leave them in their wardrobe and car.
(too wasteful, use your soaps girls!)

Have you used Yuan Soap or any other natural soaps other than cleansing your body? Do tell!