Monday, August 3, 2009

New stocks available!

This Ox set is not new, but it has been popular that we managed to wrestle some extra sets from Taiwan. Price is still RM 128.

祝你辛福种一棵没有年轮的树在土地上,活着就好,留一张没有字的白纸给小孩们,填写未来祝你辛福,是一本无法出版的心书,这句话说了就真, 信了就真......What do you get in the set?

150g Camellia/bitter tea soap (Not available in Malaysia yet)

Suitable for women during confinement period or those are constantly exposed to air conditioner whole day . Mosturising thus suitable for dry skin for for those who loves fresh earth smell.

150g Cypress Soap

Cypress grows on mountains stretching as high as 1,800m to 2,800m above sea level. It secretes an essential oil that has a powerful ability to kill bacteria. Works well for acne, pimple, nappy rash, bed sore, erythema, sebum secretion, itchy scalp, skin inflammation, allergic skin and athlete’s foot; also kills bacteria, stops itchiness and heals wounds.

150g Liquorice Hair Soap

There are many uses for liquorice. Its aqueous solution which has a weak foamability is a natural surfactant. It is strong in inhibiting bacteria growth and inflammation. Raw ginger and pine essential oils have long been proven to be able to fight seborrhea and dandruff. It is also useful in reversing the process of balding. It is significantly effective in promoting cutaneous perspiration and simulating local circulation.

(Usual soaps are 100g each)

Soaps for the whole family

a. Wild Mugwort soap set 300g, RM89

b. Cypress Soap set 300g (picture below), RM89

c. Auspicious Soap set 300g, RM 68

(Available for limited time only)

Comes with a free bamboo knife (picture below)

(bamboo knife)

Cypress soap 300g

Exterior of the box sets for 300g soaps.From left,Wild Mugwort Soap, Cypress Soap and Auspicious Soap.

Soap balls- Wild Mugwort and Mung Bean & Jobs's Tears

Weight: 100g (+-)

A. Wild Mugwort -1 x RM 33
B. Mung Bean & Job's Tears - 1x RM26

Great for face and hand wash.

For order and delivery details, kindly contact me at

These items are available online @ and Yuan Soap Store in Central Market while stocks last!

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  1. i am new here ,just place my order ,Auspicious set and Wild Mugwort set ,but did see Organic Lemon went i order ,feel sad.
    ~oi kuan low ~