Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yuan Soap Store

We will be launching our first Yuan soap store in Malaysia. Venue? Central Market!

Okay, not many were excited when I told them about the venue, but please do make your way to CM (Central Market) now. I was surprised with the changes when I went there to check out the store a few months ago. I have not been to CM for ages and the current management has been quietly "cleaning up" the whole place. I saw new tiles, shops and stalls are tidier. And where should we not make our mark but in the baby blue powder building where they promote all things traditional and handmade?!

A friend from Taiwan, who has been visiting Malaysia for the last 10 years were not brought to visit CM at all by her friends! She mentioned CM was just like Jiufen (similar concept like CM but outdoor with great scenery), she was so delighted she bought 8 shawls from different stalls. Ok, maybe she was ignorant not to read any of our tourism pamphlets or surf the net for info, or we as Malaysia has not done enough to promote other places of interest except for KLCC, lol!
Ok, back tot the store, well, I was busy arranging soaps on the shelves but was distracted many times by tourists who asked me what was smell in the shop? Apparently, our nice smelling soaps have been quietly directing people to visit our shop. I have to keep informing passerbys that we are not open yet!

Here are some sneak peek to our new store!


  1. Nice shop layout.

    A friend of mine tried ah yuan soaps in singapore. She told me that it melts too quickly compare to mine. I tried to find out what are the ingredients used to make these soaps, don't they disclose? I just wonder if they use soft oil at all?

  2. Hi, Ai Shiang, honestly I am quite blur about the soft oil, but 1 soap contains at least 18 to 25% oil content. Some of the oils they use are olive oil, grapeseed oil, palm oil, coconut oil and canola oil. But if you have more detailed questions I can forward them to Taiwan.

  3. Thank you Reese, I will let my friend know.

    They do use soft oils, grapeseed oil and canola are soft oils.

    Olive, palm and coconut are hard oils - produce hard bars. I use all hard oils.

    That is quite little oil contain at 25%. My oil is 71% and fluid is 29%. Did you get it the other way around? :o)

    Thank you again, very much!

  4. oops, I got it wrong, the 25% is the glycerin you get from soap process, thanks for the heads up!

  5. Most natural soaps has at least 70% oil.

  6. May I know where are these soap made?

  7. HI Bee Yeng,

    These soaps are handmade in Taiwan. Check out more information on