Friday, June 4, 2010

Yuan Hand Sanitizer

Some of you might not know that Yuan has a hand cleanser/ sanitizer in our range.
For those who have tried it would notice how convenient and useful to have it around.

Made with several natural oil that comes with their respective properties
1. Niaouli Oil- antiseptic/ anti bacteria*
2. Thyme Oil- antimicrobial/anti bacteria*
3. Tea Tree Oil- antiseptic/ germicide/anti bacterial/fungicide*
4. Japanese Honeysuckle- anti bacteria/ anti-inflammatory*
5. Plant alcohol- from sugarcane

These oils are also natural deodorisers, rather than using air fresheners with artificialfragrance and chemicals, the Yuan Hand Cleanser is completely safe and natural even for children. You would notice the refreshing scents once spray.

Spray it on
1. Door knobs
2. Toilet seats
3. Baby chair seats in restaurants
4. Bags' handles
5. keys
6. Fabric sofa/ chairs
7. Clothes (helps clear smokes/food odour)

Highly recommended to bring while travelling.Does not dry your skin and leave sticky residues.

Yuan Hand cleanser/ sanitizer retails at RM46.50 and can be purchased from and selected authorized dealers.

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