Monday, May 18, 2009

Would you buy these?

Same soap same weight but they are round. More expensive as they need more (hand)time to actually produce these soaps.

I have lots of enquiries regarding these soap balls. These are the ones which you can hang it next to your wash basin in the bathroom for hand wash. However the reasons why its still not here yet its because of the price. It is priced at more than 300NT (can't remember the exact price), roughly converted to more than RM30.


  1. I've read about Yuan Soap in Viva Woman or My Woman Stuff before. Is it quite new in Malaysia? I never heard about handmade soaps in Malaysia before. But over here, I'm making them myself as a hobby but they sell pretty well.

  2. Hi Ai Shiang, Yuan soaps are from Taiwan and yes its still new in Malaysia, there are also several handmade soaps brands in Malaysia which are selling very well too.

  3. Hi Reese,
    Thanks for your reply. Are these soaps being sold only in Kuala Lumpur? Do other states in Malaysia have them as well?

  4. Hi Ai Shiang,

    Our soaps are also sold in Perak, Pahang, Malacca, Johor, Penang, Negeri Sembilan and soon Terengganu and the East Malaysia as well.