Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Story from Yuan

When Yuan visited Malaysia weeks back to celebrate the Earth Day with us, he brought us some gifts. The limited Mother's Day gift set from Taiwan!
The gorgeous flower prints on the box and the natural cotton unbleached bag got me a bit sad of the fact I can't share it with Malaysian's Yuan soap fans.

However, that's not the gift I was talking about, its the story of the natural cotton unbleached bag. There's a little note tied to each of the bags which tells the story of Yuan who was in Tainan 2 months ago. There he met this loud mouthed but friendly boss, Mr Hui of a workshop that produce cotton bags.

Due to the business competition from China, Mr Hui does not even mind to sew just one bag for any customers. Yuan's 1000 bags were his largest order to date, this is to ensure that handmade businesses can still survive despite companies cutting and saving costs by going to larger factories with machines. The bag display no large branding of Yuan soap but the name of the workshop instead "合成布袋行“literally translated to "He Chen Cloth Bags", and proudly mentioned that it was made in Taiwan.

Touched after listenning to the story from Yuan (of course, he told it more vividly than my amanteurish translation), James and Zoey, my colleagues from Singapore challenged me to incorporate elements of Malaysia into our future gift sets as how Yuan did.

So what elements distinctly reminds you of Malaysia?

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