Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Health Fair 2009@ PWTC!. Part 1

This is a fair which took more than 6 months to plan. From the design down to promotion, as we were thinking to do what others would not do and to take in details that others would not notice. But still at the end due to time constraints, we pretty much cheated in some way.

We had 2 booths and wanted to large open spaces hence all the dividers were taken off. Since we were launching our new range of shampoo, we felt the message should be very clear, translating what Yuan's message for the shampoo range to the booth.

The result is something like this (for those who did not manage to visit us at the fair)

Background for the booth. Also part of our shampoo brochure. The rocks and the streams actually made up the word "xin/ 心” which means heart in Chinese. I did not notice the word till much later , I think I got distracted by the fishes swimming up stream. Yuan's words always reminded me to work with my "心”. While working on this brochure and background, we did not realise that we created 3 brochures with the word "心”, this was not on purpose but somehow, Yuan's works alway revolve around his heart.

Ok, out of topic here, but since we are on "心”, I received this earlier this morning from Taiwan, which literally translated to "Using my heart to thank you" (ok, not a very good translator too)

If I am not mistaken, this is something he wrote for the World's AIDS Day.

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