Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What! No soaps?

For some reasons, Yuan soaps are delivered late to Malaysia this time.
I have been getting some franctic calls from most of my dealers, and some have been shooting me dirty looks and mouthing "soap" whenever they see me. Customers even complained how are they going to shower without Yuan soap. It seems once you convert them to soap lovers, its hard to use shower gel anymore, take me as an example. I have tried using bath gel whenever I have no choice, but its not the same when the gel leaves a flimsy coat of wax or whatever you call it on my skin. I just don't feel its clean enough. Ok, perhaps its just psychological.
Thank you for all your support and encouragement, thank you those who smsed me for bringing Yuan soaps to our Malaysian shore. Thank you to all my dealers who passionately introduced the soaps to your customers.
For those who had bad experiences with our soaps, do give Yuan a chance again. Start with our most gentle member of the family: the Oat soap and you might just discover the difference.
Ps: The soaps will be in soon....very soon!

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